Festival 2017


Stockholm’s Latin American Film Festival PANORAMICA celebrates three years! We offer you a warm welcome to four days filled with Latin American movies, discussions and other activities.

Much has happened in these past three years: we have established ourselves as one of Stockholm’s most interesting film festivals, we have had various collaborations with other festivals, we have attended seminars and debates on Latin American cinema and PANORAMICA has served as an important hub for the Latin American diaspora in Sweden.

For this year’s edition of PANORAMICA we are especially pleased to inform of our successful collaboration with Swedish film distributors, enabling us to open this year’s festival with the Chilean film NERUDA by Pablo Larraín, before its opening in Swedish cinemas.

The theme of this year’s festival is (IN)JUSTICE, a subject that is more relevant than ever in today’s harsh political climate in the region. The films in this year’s program give us different perspectives from different Latin American countries, where justice and injustice is constantly discussed in both private and public spaces. We see how Mexico tackles violence and the drug cartels war through the amazing documentaries TEMPEST by Tatiana Huezo and DEVIL’S FREEDOM of Everardo González, and how the Chilean director Lissette Orozco tries to contribute to the search for justice with her fascinating documentary ADRIANA’S PACT.

How the theme is tackled through film will also be discussed by Everardo González and Lissette Orozco in this year’s seminar on Documentary film and justice. They will visit us to talk about the role of documentaries in the political battlefield in Latin America. We have also invited Swedish-Latin American filmmakers to discuss their work in the seminar Filmmaking within the Latin American diaspora in Sweden. In this context Ángela Bravo, Manolo Díaz Rämö and Gorki Glaser Müller will talk about the role that their connection to Latin America has played in their creative processes.

We are also extremely happy to be collaborating with CINEMATEKET this year. They will offer an Uruguayan retrospective by director Federico Veiroj, who also comes to Stockholm to present his latest film The Apostate at PANORAMICA.

Finally, we are very pleased to announce that this year we will be giving out the PANORAMICA Award for the first time in two categories: one for best documentary and one for best feature film.

We would like to welcome you again to PANORAMICA 2017 and hope that the program we have prepared this year can both entertain, worry and inspire you.

Tickets and information


Ticket price: 80 SEK
AnNual membership card: 20 SEK

The membership card is personal and mandatory for every screening together with a valid ticket for each event. The membership card is valid until August 2018 and will be sold at the Festival’s table in every cinema.

Tickets can be booked or purchased via the respective cinema website:

Good to know

  • It is also possible to buy tickets on site.
  • The sale opens 30 minutes before the respective film screening.
  • Purchased tickets are not redeemed.
  • We recommend to be at the movie theaters in good time for the views, otherwise it may be full.
  • All cinemas are handicapped accessible.
  • All the festival films are shown in English or Swedish subtitles (see information in the program).
  • 15-year limit applies to all movies.

La caja vacía

La caja vacía



The interest in exploring and denouncing the astonishing levels of violence, injustice and impunity in Latin America has always been present in the region’s documentary films. How is this represented in contemporary Latin American documentary filmmaking? What cinematic strategies have been developed in recent years to give visibility to the most tragic conflicts in the region? To what extent can documentaries help transform reality?

Film directors Everardo González and Lissette Orozco reflect on these questions in relation to their respective documentaries Devil’s Freedom and Adriana’s Pact.

The seminar will be lead by Human Rights Observer Julius Copcutt.

With support of Konstnärsnämnden and the Embassy of Mexico in Sweden.

FILM Directors within the latin american diaspora in sweden

In recent years filmmakers from the Latin American diaspora have become increasingly prominent in Swedish cinema. Whether they have emigrated to Sweden, or grown as second or third generation in the Swedish society, their work proposes new and interesting looks and reinterpretations of the Latin American region.

How do they reflect on their work about their belonging to the Latin American diaspora in Sweden? How important are their ties with Latin America in the development of their films? How do they negotiate with their Swedish and Latin American identities?

Film directors Angela Bravo, Manolo Díaz Rämö and Gorki Glaser-Müller reflect on these questions and present fragments of their films.

The seminar will be lead by filmmaker Simón Revilla.

With support of ABF Stockholm.

Federico Veiroj in Sweden


The Uruguayan director Federico Veiroj visits Sweden thanks to the Swedish Cinemateket and Uruguay’s Embassy in Sweden.

Veiroj has quickly succeeded in creating a fascinating cinematic language through his three feature films. During his visit in Sweden he will be part of PANORAMICA on September 23 with the screening of his latest film The Apostate.


For the first time Cinemateket will dedicate a retrospective of an Uruguayan director with the exhibition of Veiroj’s previous feature films Acné (2008) and A Useful Life (2010).

The retrospective is arranged as a collaboration with PANORAMICA. Our annual membership card is valid to access to these film screenings at Cinemateket.

Read more about the program at Cinemateket.

The Apostate

The Apostate

Competition 2017

PANORAMICA was created with the main goal of promoting and making visible the quality of contemporary Latin American cinema. During our third edition we will have for the first time two sections of competition: Best Documentary Film and Best Feature Film.

Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature 2017

Its purpose is to celebrate the originality, significance and commitment of Latin American documentary filmmaking. The jury will award 1000 euros to one of the nominated films.

The nominees are:

Adriana’s Pact by Lissette Orozco.
Devil’s Freedom by Everardo González.
Tempest by Tatiana Huezo.

Jury Award for Best Feature Film 2017

Its goal is to honour the narrative quality, innovation and complexity of contemporary Latin American feature films. The jury will award 1000 euros to one of the nominated films.

The nominees are:

El Amparo by Rober Calzadilla.

The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis by Francisco Márquez and Andrea Testa.

You’ll Never Be Alone by Alex Anwandter.

All the nominated films will be screened during PANORAMICA’s third edition as scheduled in the program, between September 20th–24th, 2017. Prizes will be awarded at the closing ceremony on Sunday, September 24th at 19:00 at Bio Rio.


Clarice Goulart

Clarice comes from Brazil and works as a producer and project leader in the film festival industry. Bergmanveckan, Göteborg Film Festival, To Future With Love and the Brazilian Film Festival, BrasilCine are some of the festivals she has worked with. She is also one of the initiators of Festivalcentrum, a network for film festivals in the Stockholm area.

Valentina Bender

Valentina was born in Cordoba, Argentina and grew up in Stockholm. She is project leader at the Cultural House of the City Theater in Skärholmen where she will launch the new cinema Vågen 2. She has worked as a producer of the Stockholm Junior Film Festival, where she directed educational projects and film screenings for children and young people.

Juan Pablo Libossart

Juan is a film producer, director and scriptwriter. He is a Documentary Film Consultant at the Swedish Film Institute since January 2017. He has produced Erik Gandini’s documentaries The Swedish Theory of Love (2016) and Cosmopolitanism (2015). He debuted as director and scriptwriter in 2016 with the short film Amalimbo that competed in Orizzonti’s short film section at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for the European Film Awards.

Cinemas and other locations

Bio Rio

Honrstull Stand 3
117 39 Stockholm
(T) Hornstull

Bio Rio is one of the few theaters in Stockholm with a history dating back to 1940. The cinema keeps its original state and today offers Cine Bar, Cinema Clubs and more.


Beridarbansgatan 5
111 51 Stockholm
(T) T-Centralen

Klarabiografen is located in the City Cultural Theatre and is equipped with the latest digital technology. In cooperation with other actors in the film industry, the hall aims to be a center for quality cinema in Stockholm.

Zita Folkets Bio

Birger Jarlsgatan 37
111 45 Stockholm
(T) Östermalmstorg

Zita Folkets Bio is the oldest autonomous cinema in Stockholm. The cinema’s task is to show quality films for both adults and children that do not usually appear on the bigger cinemas.

Brooklyn Bar

Hornstulls Strand 4
117 39 Stockholm
(T) Hornstull

Brooklyn Bar, located at Debaser Strand, serves the city’s tastiest sliders and has a genuine American beer Connoisseur. It is the perfect AW-hang with music and movie quiz, bokreleaser, stand-up comedy, live music and clubs!


Ángela Bravo

Ángela was born and raised in Stockholm and has studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm and at the Art University in Berlin. She has worked as a director and artist both in Berlin and in Stockholm since 2008. In March 2016 she made her debut with her film Innanför (2016), nominated for the Tempo Doc Award. Angela is currently working on her new feature film Imaginary country, which began to develop during STHLM debut in 2014.

You can find more information in her website

Everardo González

Everardo is one of the strongest voices in the documentary genre in Latin America. His filmography includes The Song of Pulque (2003), The Old Thieves (2007), The Open Sky (2011), Drought (2011) and El Paso (2015), all screened and awarded at various festivals like IDFA, Toulouse, Locarno, Montreal, BAFICI, Sarajevo, Guadalajara and Morelia.

Federico Veiroj

Federico is an Uruguayan director, producer and scriptwriter. He studied Communication Science at Universidad Católica del Uruguay. He has directed short films since 1996, and worked as production assistant and actor in many Uruguayan short films. He has directed the feature films Acné (2007), A Useful Life(2010) and The Apostate (2015).

Gorki Glaser-Müller

Gorkis was born and raised in Santiago de Chile, but he moved to Sweden at the age of 13. He studied acting at Malmö University and film directing at Göteborg University. He has been working with theater, film and art for nearly 20 years. He is currently working with his new feature film with Zentropa International Sweden.

Lissette Orozco

Lissette is a director, screenwriter and has a magister in Documentary Cinema. She has directed the documentary short films Subsuelo, Vorágine and El día ideal, all awarded at the Chilean National Human Rights Festival in 2014. Her debut documentary Adriana’s Pact premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival 2017.

Manolo Díaz Rämö

Manolo was born in Stockholm. His mother is Finnish and his father Chilean. He studied film in Malmö, Öland and Copenhagen. He is currently studying documentary at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. His short documentary Nseyeya (2013), was nominated for the New Doc Award at Tempo Documentary Film Festival. His most recent documentary Svenskarna (2014) was nominated for the Tempo Short Award.