About us


Panoramica is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote the screenings and distribution of Latin American cinema and art in Sweden. Our goal is to innovate the image of the Latin American communities and promoting it’s diversity within the Swedish cultural life through cultural and academic activities.


Panoramica is the first Latin American Film Festival in Stockholm. It provides the opportunity to promote and spread Latin American quality films in Sweden, thus contributing to increase diversity in the Swedish film scene. We have the vision of making contemporary Latin American films a medium for cultural and artistic exchange between Sweden and Latin America.


Our goals

To stimulate the exchange and dialogue between different ethnic groups in Sweden by updating the supply of images and stories from Latin America.

To refresh the representation of Latin America and Latin Americans, thus contributing to make the Swedish cultural life more varied.

To spread the contemporary Latin American film expressions, techniques, and narrative styles in Sweden so that they can make the same impact here as in the rest of the world.

To provide a platform for dialogue and exchange between the Swedish and Latin American film industry.


ABF Stockholm

ABF Stockholm is a meeting place for knowledge, education and culture, as well as for social participation and democracy. It is an ideal-based organization that focuses on creating optimism, empowerment and solidarity through study circles, cultural programs and other popular education programs. ABF Stockholm provides their member organizations, cooperatives and free groups with educational tools and offers meeting places for opinion formation and discussion. Since the summer of 2015, it also arranges study circles in Swedish for persons seeking asylum in the country.


BrasilCine is the only Brazilian film festival in Scandinavia, which is held in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The festival shows the latest Brazilian fiction, short films and documentaries as well as seminars, talks and entertainment acts are offered having Brazil in the spotlight. The festival has been around since 2005, it was held in Gothenburg before it moved to Folkets Bio and Zita cinemas in Stockholm.


Cinema Queer is the largest international queer film festival and takes place in Stockholm every year. Cinema Queer focuses on movies that question, discuss and challenge the prevailing standards, as well as on highlighting stories that are not otherwise noted. The goal is to create a clear platform for the HBTQ+ film in Sweden, both for international films, but also for Swedish filmmakers and film-interested people.


The French Film Festival was founded with the support of the French Institute in Sweden. The Festival is, since its beginning, the only platform for the promotion of the French and francophone cinema in Sweden, and the most important festival dedicated to a single topic. It is, therefore, a window to the culture, language and production of France and other French-speaking countries.

Institute of Latin American Studies

The Institute of Latin American Studies
conducts and promotes research concerning Latin America and the Caribbean. The institute’s tasks include information about current events; documentation; work with the institute’s Latin American Library and with documentation oriented activity. The institute is a part of Stockholm University.


Järva Film Festival takes advantage of film and multiculturalism in Sweden to bring together young people and adults of different cultures, generations and those who inhabit the suburbs and the city center. The Festival also offers training in film production so that teenagers and young people can produce their own films.


Since 2003, the association Imagenes del Sur arranges the Film and Culture Festival Latinamerika i Fokus in the centre of Malmö. The idea is to show a different view of Latin America than that which usually appears in mass media and to promote films that usually do not come to the Swedish cinemas.


RFSL Newcomers is a network for and by asylum seekers, paperless and newly arrived LGBTQ+ people in Sweden. Their members come from all parts of the world and have often relocated after persecution in their home country because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expressions.


Trans Film Fest Stockholm is a three-day film festival marking Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR) in November. Their goal is to create a free trans community film festival that is a positive, empowering safer space for trans and gender-diverse people and allies, offering a mix of long and short films, interesting discussions, and welcoming social events.

Who are we?


ARTISTIC DIRECTION: Mónica Hernández Rejón – Alan Stein
GENERAL ProducTION: Mónica Hernández Rejón – Alan Stein
Festival AND press CoordinatION: Johan Fogde Dias
PROGRAM: Johan Fogde Dias – Clarice Goulart – Mónica Hernández Rejón – Alan Stein
PRint transport: Alejandro Hormigo – Alan Stein
FINANCES: Mónica Hernández Rejón – Alan Stein
SponsorS: Yanira Jiménez
VolUntEER COordinatION: Yanira Jiménez
GUESTS CoordinatION: Borja Antón
EDITORS: Moa Candil – Mónica Hernández Rejón
TEXTS AND TRANSLATION: Borja Antón – Julius Copcutt –  Emelie Lindholm
webSITE: Clara Collman/Spektra
GraPHIC DESIGN: Jon Edergren – Fernando Medina/Spektra
Trailer: Kalle Jansson/Pråmfilm
PHOTOGRAPH COORDINATION: Kalle Jansson – Debhora Vega


PANORAMICA Stockholms latinamerikanska filmfestival
Slipgatan 8
11739 Stockholm
Mail: info@panoramica.se
Vill du arbeta som volontär på festivalen? Hör av dig till: info@panoramica.se