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Stockholm is a city filled with a vibrant energy that stimulates the creativity and interest for new cultural experiences. With over 30 annual festivals devoted to films produced from different cultures, perspectives and identities, the film scene in the Swedish capital is increasingly rich and diverse. Panoramica was born in this context as an effort for social integration. Coming from the most distant parts of Latin America, our encounter as inhabitants of this city, alien and our own at the same time, gave rise to this initiative. Intrigued by the questions around representation and motivated by the lack of a stable niche for Latin American cinema in Stockholm, we set out to create this festival as an opportunity for recognition and transformation.

For over a year we have worked with the purpose of making visible the renewed creative impulse that Latin American cinema has taken in it’s recent years. Our major aim is to highlight the dynamism and complexity of the various Latin American realities today. As a part of this effort we present to you this first edition of the festival. We hope that the selection and the spaces for reflection we have prepared build a bridge between those who identify themselves within the latin-american culture and all those who live in this city.


Theme: To dream

Dreaming is an impulse of life, of the self. There, where the structures of reality stop us, our dreams give us power and freedom. Dreaming is agency and resistance. We dream of a new world, to find ourselves, to find love, peace and happiness.

Our dreams make us travel, create, they transform. Our personal stories are defined by our dreams. Like the man who seeks to give meaning to his life when his death approaches or the woman fighting for her identity and recognition in her own body. Like the teenager who seeks love in the most unexpected situation or those daughters who come back to their families to face their guilt and fear. It is the dream of leaving a mark on the world that motivates us to take care of others against the imminent boundaries of existence. It is those dreams of liberation that women dream in the most different contexts that challenge conventions and resist oppression. It is all these dreams of change that make a whole society fight, question the power and survive the horror.

These are the stories we want to show: the dreams that Latin American filmmakers have wanted to tell us. We invite you to enjoy the program that PANORAMICA offers in its first edition. We hope that the 18 selected films and the two seminars will become a window to the imagination, the recognition and the dreams.


Majesty + The women’s role in the Latin American film industries

Three filmmakers and producers will discuss the experiences, expectations and challenges for women in the Latin American film industries. As part of this seminar the documentary Majesty by Ana Endara Mislov will be screened.

Ana Endara Mislov, director, screenwriter and producer
Catalina Donoso, producer
Luciana Kaplan, director, screenwriter and producer

Daniela Dahl, gender and film scholar

Organized with the support of Konstnärsnämnden and the embassy of Panama in Sweden.

She doesn’t want to sleep alone + Challenges for the film distribution between Latin America and Sweden

Three specialists in the fields of film production and distribution will discuss about possible strategies to establish a stable network for Latin American film distribution in Sweden. As part of this seminar the film She doesn’t want to sleep alone by Natalia Beristain will be screened.

Agustina Chiarino, producer
Carlos Muñoz Vázquez, head of distribution in Canana Presenta
Katrina Mathsson, general manager in Folkets Bio

Catalina Donoso, producer

Organized with the support of Folkets Bio and the Embassies of Mexico and Uruguay in Sweden.


Agustina Chiarino


Agustina Chiarino was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. After a tenure in Mexico and Barcelona Agustina joined Control Z Films in 2007 where she produced the feature film Giant (2009), Hiroshima (2009), 3 (2012) and Tanta agua (2013) which was awarded with the Knight Ibero-American Grand Jury Prize at the Miami International Film Festival and the Jordan A. Ressler Screenplay Award. Mutante Cine, her production company with Fernando Epstein, focuses in production and distribution in Uruguay. She is also the co-producer of this year’s Proyecto Encuentros film My Friend From the Park by Ana Katz.

Ana Endara Mislov


Born in Panamá, Ana Endara graduated at Cuba’s Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de Los Baños and studied social studies and anthropology at Florida State University. Her films include Curundú (2007) and Majesty (Reinas, 2013). Curundú has been screened at several film festivals around the world, including Biarritz Film Festival in France, Films from The South in Oslo, Norway and Documenta Madrid in Spain, among others. Curundú won an award for best editing at the Icaro Film Festival in Guatemala. Majesty (Reinas, 2013) premiered at the International Film Festival in Panamá and won the Grolsch Discovery Award. Mansa productora is an independent Film Production Company, established by Ana Endara Mislov in 2011. With Mansa productora, Ana produced her latest documentary, Majesty (Reinas, 2013), and is currently developing two other projects.

Carlos Muñoz Vázquez


Carlos Muñoz is a specialist in programming, broadcasting, distribution and marketing of Mexican cinema inland as well as internationally. He has worked in Latinofusion, an international sales agency specialised in the trade of Ibero-American film rights; in the area of the National Film Programming of Mexico; in Cinepolis, the largest exhibitor chain in Mexico and Latin America; and he has been the Assistant Manager of National Promotion and Distribution at the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE). Since 2015 he is the Head of Distribution at Canana Presenta, a film and television production company founded by the producer Pablo Cruz and the actors Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna in 2005. The aim of Canana is to develop, distribute and market projects that will open doors to Latin American talent and establish a real bridge between the Spanish-speaking world and other audiences.

Catalina Donoso


Catalina Donoso graduated in 2010 from Film and Broadcasting at the Universidad de Chile. She worked as General Coordinator at ChileDoc from 2010 to 2012. She is currently working as a producer of documentaries and fiction feature films gathering the best filmmakers of the new Chilean generation at her production company Cusicanqui Films. Her most recent feature film, The Waltz by Edison Cájas, released in 2014, and Naomi Campbel by Nicolás Videla and Camila Donoso, have earned awards and have been screened at Film Festivals such as FICVALDIVIA, Mar del Plata, CPH: DOX, Amdocs, GIFF, IndieLisboa, FICCI among many others. In 2015 she is preparing the feature film A documentary named Desire by Cristián Jiménez, and the documentary The Noise of Trains by Cristián Saldía as well as the animated documentary Clandestine Stories by José María Oñate.

Luciana Kaplan


Luciana Kaplan was born in Argentina but lives in Mexico since 1975. She studied Film Direction at the Film Training Center (Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica). She has directed several Documentary films, and received support from the Mexican Film Institute and the Mexican National Fund for the Culture and the Arts. She worked as well as a producer, assistant director and script supervisor at several feature, shorts, commercials as well as documentary films for the past 15 years. In 2010 she won the Centro de Capacitación Cinematografica’s First Film Competition with the project  Eufrosina’s Revolution (La revolución de los alcatraces, 2012). She worked from 2007 to 2011 as a Grant Coordinator for the Gucci Ambulante Documentary Grant. She is the current director of the Post Production Documentary Grant Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Ambulante as well as the Coordinator of the Documentary Program at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica.



BrasilCine is the only Brazilian film festival in Scandinavia, which is held in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The festival shows the latest Brazilian fiction, short films and documentaries as well as seminars, talks and entertainment acts are offered having Brazil in the spotlight. The festival has been around since 2005, it was held in Gothenburg before it moved to Folkets Bio and Zita cinemas in Stockholm.

Latinamerika i fokus

Since 2003, the association Imagenes del Sur arranges the Film and Culture Festival Latinamerika i Fokus in the centre of Malmö. The idea is to show a different view of Latin America than that which usually appears in mass media and to promote films that usually do not come to the Swedish cinemas.