Seminar: Filmmakers within the Latin American Diaspora in Sweden

Sun 24 Sep 12.30


Ángela Bravo: Director
Manolo Díaz Rämö: Director
Gorki Glaser-Müller: Director

In recent years filmmakers from the Latin American diaspora have become increasingly prominent in Swedish cinema. Whether they have emigrated to Sweden, or grown as second or third generation in the Swedish society, their work proposes new and interesting looks and reinterpretations of the Latin American region.

How do they reflect on their work about their belonging to the Latin American diaspora in Sweden? How important are their ties with Latin America in the development of their films? How do they negotiate with their Swedish and Latin American identities? Ángela Bravo, Manolo Díaz Rämö and Gorki Glaser-Müller reflect on these questions and present fragments of their films.

The seminar will be lead by filmmaker Simón Revilla.


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