Experiences of trans people in Latin America and their representation in film

Sat 29 Sep 15.00


Genevieve Roudané: Director
Linn da Quebrada: Artist
Yolanda Bohm Ramírez: Artist

Over the past year more than 2,600 transgender people have been murdered around the world. Brazil and Mexico, two Latin American countries with a long tradition of gender diversity and political struggle to improve the rights of LGBTQ+ communities are also the countries with the highest statistics on violence and murders against transgender people. What contradictions do these statistics suggest and what strategies do the LGBTQ+ communities develop against this, not only in Latin America but also in Sweden? What role does/can film play in trans activism?

Yolanda Bohm Ramírez, Genevieve Roudané and Linn da Quebrada will discuss around these themes in relation to the documentary films The Chuntá, The Divine Divas and Tranny Fag.

In collaboration with ABF Stockholm, Cinema Queer, Trans Film Fest, RFSL Newcomers och Mexico’s Embassy in Sweden.


Beridarbansgatan 5
111 51 Stockholm
(T) T-Centralen

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