Festival 2016

From Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 September, Klarabiografen, Cinema Zita Folkets Bio and Bio Rio will be filled with the best Latin American cinema. Inspired by our successful first edition we have designed a program composed by 18 titles produced in 11 countries from the region during 2014 and 2015, two discussion seminars and other events related to Latin America and its cinema.

This year PANORAMICA will open with the Colombian film Embrace of the Serpent directed by Ciro Guerra, in which one of the central topics is the memory. In addition to being one of the most important topics for Latin American societies today, memory is the leitmotif of our 2016 program, which will emphasize on the power that the documentary cinema has for the construction of collective memory and the struggle of indigenous communities to defend the environment, their territories and ways of life.

What does it mean “to remember” for societies marked by a history where violence comes back, again and again, in its various and ferocious facets? How can we use memory to overcome the imprints caused by colonial history, military dictatorships, looting and exploitation? These are some of the questions that will be discussed by the 18 feature films and seminars that integrate our program from perspectives as diverse as the region.

We give you a warm welcome once again and we hope that our program connects you with your most precious memories and approaches us in the meeting with Latin America.

Cinemas and other locations

Bio Rio

Honrstull Stand 3
117 39 Stockholm
(T) Hornstull

Bio Rio is one of the few theaters in Stockholm with a history dating back to 1940. The cinema keeps its original state and today offers Cine Bar, Cinema Clubs and more.


Beridarbansgatan 5
111 51 Stockholm
(T) T-Centralen

Klarabiografen is located in the City Cultural Theatre and is equipped with the latest digital technology. In cooperation with other actors in the film industry, the hall aims to be a center for quality cinema in Stockholm.

Zita Folkets Bio

Birger Jarlsgatan 37
111 45 Stockholm
(T) Östermalmstorg

Zita Folkets Bio is the oldest autonomous cinema in Stockholm. The cinema’s task is to show quality films for both adults and children that do not usually appear on the bigger cinemas.

Brooklyn Bar

Hornstulls Strand 4
117 39 Stockholm
(T) Hornstull

Brooklyn Bar, located at Debaser Strand, serves the city’s tastiest sliders and has a genuine American beer Connoisseur. It is the perfect AW-hang with music and movie quiz, bokreleaser, stand-up comedy, live music and clubs!


Ángela Bravo

Ángela was born and raised in Stockholm and has studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm and at the Art University in Berlin. She has worked as a director and artist both in Berlin and in Stockholm since 2008. In March 2016 she made her debut with her film Innanför (2016), nominated for the Tempo Doc Award. Angela is currently working on her new feature film Imaginary country, which began to develop during STHLM debut in 2014.

You can find more information in her website

Everardo González

Everardo is one of the strongest voices in the documentary genre in Latin America. His filmography includes The Song of Pulque (2003), The Old Thieves (2007), The Open Sky (2011), Drought (2011) and El Paso (2015), all screened and awarded at various festivals like IDFA, Toulouse, Locarno, Montreal, BAFICI, Sarajevo, Guadalajara and Morelia.

Federico Veiroj

Federico is an Uruguayan director, producer and scriptwriter. He studied Communication Science at Universidad Católica del Uruguay. He has directed short films since 1996, and worked as production assistant and actor in many Uruguayan short films. He has directed the feature films Acné (2007), A Useful Life(2010) and The Apostate (2015).

Gorki Glaser-Müller

Gorkis was born and raised in Santiago de Chile, but he moved to Sweden at the age of 13. He studied acting at Malmö University and film directing at Göteborg University. He has been working with theater, film and art for nearly 20 years. He is currently working with his new feature film with Zentropa International Sweden.

Lissette Orozco

Lissette is a director, screenwriter and has a magister in Documentary Cinema. She has directed the documentary short films Subsuelo, Vorágine and El día ideal, all awarded at the Chilean National Human Rights Festival in 2014. Her debut documentary Adriana’s Pact premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival 2017.

Manolo Díaz Rämö

Manolo was born in Stockholm. His mother is Finnish and his father Chilean. He studied film in Malmö, Öland and Copenhagen. He is currently studying documentary at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. His short documentary Nseyeya (2013), was nominated for the New Doc Award at Tempo Documentary Film Festival. His most recent documentary Svenskarna (2014) was nominated for the Tempo Short Award.