Tue 25 Sep 18.00
Bio Rio

Opening film!

Production detailes

Director: Lucrecia Martel
Country: Argentina
Year: 2017
Duration: 115 min

Don Diego Zama, an officer of the Spanish Crown born in South America, waits for a letter from the King granting him a transfer from the peripheral town in which he is stagnating, to a better place in the metropolis. The years go by and in the absence of a letter from the King, Zama feels that everything is lost and decides to join a party of soldiers to go after a dangerous bandit in the hopes of restoring his name and reputation.

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Bio Rio

Honrstull Stand 3
117 39 Stockholm
(T) Hornstull

Bio Rio is one of the few theaters in Stockholm with a history dating back to 1940. The cinema keeps its original state and today offers Cine Bar, Cinema Clubs and more.

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