Santa & Andrés

Sat 23 Sep 17.45
Bio Rio

Production details

Direction: Carlos Lechuga
Country: Cuba, Colombia, France
Year: 2016
Duration: 105'
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Cuba, 1983. Andrés is a fifty-year-old homosexual writer who has “ideological problems”, according to the government. Whenever there is a political event in the area, someone is sent to watch them and see that they do not commit an act of public opposition. During three days, Santa sits down in front of Andrés’ cabin to supervise all his movements.


Content note: Explicit violence

Bio Rio

Honrstull Stand 3
117 39 Stockholm
(T) Hornstull

Bio Rio is one of the few theaters in Stockholm with a history dating back to 1940. The cinema keeps its original state and today offers Cine Bar, Cinema Clubs and more.

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