Final Year

Último año

Fri 28 Sep 15.15

Second screening!

Production details

Directors: Viviana Corvalán Armijo & Francisco Espinoza Pérez
Country: Chile
Year: 2017
Duration: 67 min

A group of deaf friends have been classmates since the age of two and experiences their final year together. While classes advances they get prepared to confront their biggest fear: attending a school of hearers. This film reveals the injustice and discrimination of an entire educational system.


Bodholmsgången 13
127 48 Skärholmen
(T) Skärholmen

Located in Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Skärholmen, Skärisbiografen is a new cinema for children and young people. Its program includes documentaries and feature films, short and animated films from different parts of the world.

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